My interest in electronics and computers began at the early age of 14. At that time I subscribed to the Popular Electronics and enjoyed building the electronics projects each month. Later I added Radio-Electronics and BYTE to my collection of favorite magazines. Around the corner from where I llived was a gentlemen in his 20's who was an electronics engineer. He took me under his wing and helped me build many projects, including a guitar amplifier, speaker enclosures, fuzz box and reverb box. A stint in the Air Force from 1972 - 1976 took me through 6 weeks of basic training in San Antonio, Texas, 9 months of computer training in Biloxi, Mississippi and the rest at NORAD near Colorado Springs, Colorado. I then spent about 3 yrs in the California Air National Guard as a Ground Radio Repairman.

I have strong skills in client/product support, product and people management spending most of my career supporting clients and leading development and support groups. I have written programs using 8080 Assembler, Z80 Assembler, C, C# VB, .NET, .ASP, Perl, PHP, COBOL, a tiny bit of Java and something from a looong time ago Databus. For personal reasons I have avoided C++.  I have also done scripting with KSH, expect, VBScript, and JScript.

I also have strong written and verbal communications skills. authoring and presenting 2 articles for the IEEE Communications Society

1.   How to be put on the road to effective multi-cultural communications was presented at the Professional Communication Conference, 1989. IPCC '89. 'Communicating to the World.', International.

2.   Do's and Dont's of inter-cultural communications was presented at the Professional Communication Conference, 1988. IPCC '88 Conference Record. 'On the Edge: A Pacific Rim Conference on Professional Technical Communication'., International

My experience with the web and internet begin in the early 90's when I designed and developed a web based problem tracking system using notepad, Visual Basic, Perl, and CGI scripting interfaced to a SQL database. A far cry from the GUI tools available today. Since this beginning I have designed and maintained personal, organizational, and non-profit websites. I also dabbled in ecommerce creating which I sold in the late 90's.

I consider my strong points to be:


Management Leader: Talented, results-driven SOFTWARE ENGINEERING team-builder with versatile, cross-platform experience in systems/network architecture, installation, implementation, support, integration, security, and administration in local and remote environments. Change management professional increasing the performance and productivity of   top-performing technical and application support teams in the administration, installation, training, and support of client/server hardware, software, peripherals, and networked systems for MS Windows NT/2000/XP, LINUX and UNIX operating systems. 


Project Management: Skilled in all areas of project management, software development department management with both domestic and international software projects. Proactive decision-maker, implementing innovative customer solutions. Proven success delivering Systems and application support, software development and maintenance, and client/server/database-related applications.


Technical Guru: Skilled in all areas of Support. I am able to diagnose and resolve complex technical issues quickly. Have 30 years of experience working with both technical and non-technical people helping them resolve problems and understand technical concepts. . Good knowledge Windows, IIS, MS Exchange and other MS products. I have taught training classes with subject matter that included ‘C’, UNIX, proprietary software, systems administration, and networking. I spent 10 years customizing client software in Assembler and ‘C’. I have spent 1 year writing utilities in C# and using .NET. Well versed in Object Oriented Programming techniques.


And to highlight a few  of my Accomplishments:


Provide Hardware and Software Consulting Services to Businesses and Individuals. As an independent consultant I continue to provide installation and upgrade services for Point of Sale Systems, installation and upgrading of Desktop and Server systems, disinfection of  PC systems of Viruses and Spyware, and the design and developed of Point of Sale card reader software for Veritone card readers. These services are provided to Major retail organizations, school districts, manufacturing firms, banks, and individuals.


Managed Support of 3000+ financial branches with an install base of 10,000+ Win2000 W/S and 3,000 Unixware servers  providing technical and administrative leadership to a group of 19 Software Engineers that provided 1st thru 3rd tier systems and applications support. Responsible for overseeing  the day to day support for these systems. I increased productivity within the group by developing a web based knowledgebase and support tools to decrease client downtime.


Designed and Developed non-profit, for profit and personal websites using a variety of tools and techniques ranging from notepad and CGI to Frontpage, to Java development environments. These were developed both as thin and thick clients and some utilized content management systems. In the late 1990’s I sold an ecommerce site I operated then known as 


Upgraded Windows NT 4.0 IIS 4.0 to Windows Web Server 2003 IIS 6.0. Working with client upgraded web server including analyzing, modifying and converting ASP Pages, Tiff Surfer, Crystal Reports, Com Objects and FTP Server


Managed a group of Product Support Engineers charted with working with Field Software Engineers and Clients customizing software and resolving applications, system, networking, and communications issues.


Managed a group of Applications Development Engineers  in the rewrite of a PC based meter reading system. This included design, development, coding and testing responsibilities. System was based on the ‘C” programming language.


As International Software Consultant oversaw the completion of banking projects in several countries. Working with our international distributors I oversaw the successful completion of pre-sales demonstrations of our financial software. This included providing project management activities for projects that had requirements for specialized hardware and communications interfaces.